Sunday, 7 June 2015

Autumn Fun

Room 7 enjoyed going outside and having fun in the Autumn leaves. We looked at the colours and came up with great descriptions to use in our writing! Here are 2 wonderful pieces about autumn. Come into Room 7 to read the rest of our descriptions.

 Tiny Sky divers
Leaves are like planes crashing and burning up with bright colours, gold, brown, orange, green and red! “Swish, swish, swish, flip.” The leaves fall down from the trees just like little skydivers. Fresh and old, they are like coloured snow flakes fluttering to the soft, green grass and blowing softly away. Leaves are like a tornado spinning down from the pretty trees.
 Jack Jewkes

Leaves falling

Leaves are swaying across the sky. They look like frosty snow flakes flying from the sky. Leaves are as gold as jewellery. Crunch! Crunch go the leaves when you crunch them up into little pieces. Leaves look like spinning helicopters.

Elyse Davis

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