Saturday, 14 February 2015

Waste Free Lunch Boxes


At Woodstock School, we encourage lunch boxes to be waste free.  This is to support our Enviro-School’s initiative of taking care of our environment.  We encourage the use of re-usable containers and ask that wrappers being brought to school be kept to a minimum.  We ask that this is supported at home. 

At Woodstock, no litter leaves the classroom at interval or lunch time.   

Packing ‘Nude Food’ lunch boxes can be a challenge, but here are some ideas to help us . . .

·         Using small re-usable containers or plastic bags.

·         Unwrapping muesli bars etc at home, before you pack the lunch box.

·         Peeling fruit at home and popping it straight into the lunch box.

Nude Food lunch boxes have been proven to be easier for children to eat, are healthier also – as well as helping us to create an environmentally sustainable environment. 

Thank you for supporting Woodstock School :)

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